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What was in compos matchbox

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What was in compos matchbox

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The one where Compo has to deliver a message to Marina at the store. He whips out his matchbox to the women in line and this lady is one of the ones who got to see in it. She says they were to act like it was a spider or something and scream. I felt I had to share the video in an attempt to help clear up a mystery to those of us who had wondered about Compo's famous matchbox.

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He mentions that, according to his mother, his father was from Chesterfield. Cyril Blamire was perhaps the person he argued with the most.

Compo simmonite

He died soon after his arrival. During Foggy's first stint Compo frequently argued with him in a similar manner. He was a superb comedy actor who went on to make more than 60 films. Send an Welcome to the Summer Wine Exhibition The entrance to the exhibition has been changed to make it easier for visitors to access the exhibition from the shop.

Re: what did compo have in the match last of the summer wine

There was no real bond between us. It had taken him many decades to talk to me like that and it felt strange because he'd never shared any intimacies with me. He had a smile on his face when he suffered a massive heart attack. As a part of his schemes Foggy also made Compo volunteer for often dangerous and ridiculous situations and as a result he was regularly harmed though rarely injured or humiliated. Not once. Size. He even photographs her when she is least expecting it.

Compo & Nora with Matchbox Colour Image. He can't pay his television rental. Afterwards, he muttered something like, "Well done, son," but that was it.

During Seymour's brief stint in the late 80's Compo was often made to test the former's inventions which frequently ended up in disaster for him and he called Seymour a twit whenever things went wrong. What is in compo's matchbox? Although Ivy rejected his advances, her lumbering, coarse husband Sid John Comer doesn't try to matchhbox him as he knows Compo doesn't mean anything by it.

The one where Compo has to deliver a message to Marina at the store. The one where Compo has to deliver a message to Marina at the store. So the shop take it back so frequently that he leaves his door unlocked so they can take it whenever necessary. The first or final room, depending whether you are entering or leaving the exhibition, is a treasure trove for Summer Wine buffs. The series ended in following episodes broadcast over 37 years.

Death[ ij ] Compo died a happy death. Tap to enlarge. He can't pay his television rental. The contents of Compos matchbox are known to a select. Sorry to tell you but the matchbox in the exhibition is not compos, the original was buried with Bill owen.

Compo simmonite - wikipedia He died soon after his arrival. During Truly's stint on the show Compo was similarly often involved in dangerous situations against his will.

Compo & nora with matchbox colour image - last of the summer wine gift shop

Who knows? You exit the exhibition the same way as you came mtchbox via the Gift Shop, stocked with unique and interesting souvenirs from the show and Holmfirth, including postcards, toffees and fudge, coasters, fridge magnets, mugs and much much more. He always relied on Clegg and whoever was completing the trio to supply him with cigarettesale and other such things.

The main display room is a real treasure trove of Summer Wine memories, appealing not only to dedicated Summer Wine fans but just about anyone, and all age groups. Money[ edit ] Compo was always broke. There is an incredible range of photographs and display information capturing the many characters and situations from the show - and even the world famous matchbox which used to scare the more-sensitive cast-members with one quick glimpse of the contents. Go past the wellies and to your left is a display dompos of now unavailable books, one of his hats and the original music score written by Ronnie Hazlehurst.

On one occasion Compo was repeatedly thrown backwards in the hope of getting a lift up a hill. It just stops. Despite this, Seymour was more willing to play along with Compo's childish antics than his predecessors were.

Compo & nora with matchbox colour image

But that wasn't his way except in Holmfirth. did we ever get to know what was in Compo's infamous matchbox that horrified so many women so many times? It was during this period when perhaps Compo's most Waht misfortune happened in the series 15 episode "Stop That Bath". ×. During this time Foggy was shown to have mellowed somewhat and Wnat a result became more tolerant of Compo though not always. I have to be.

The trio were helping Howard transport a cast iron bath for Marina by wheeling it on a cart through the streets.

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Even if we can never fully know for sure the truth of the matchbox I think it is a great gag that they put in the show. Tom tracked his father down and wrote to him mentioning Compo's two grandchildren, who "went off in search of truth and wisdom with bits of metal through their nose"cimpos but he arrives in Holmfirth just after his father's funeral.

He did this in a physical manner. Click to enlarge. -- Please Select -- Large +£.

Compo's matchbox

A little history Back in the early s, the sleepy Pennine town of Holmfirth was turned head over heels by the introduction of three rascally men, ed over the years by a mix of equally amusing and varied characters. Clegg is disappointed at not being able to say goodbye, and Truly Frank Thornton arranges for men in white painter's overalls to stand in a formation saying 'See Ya, Compo' on the opposite hill.

This was due to the fact that she was always thumping him because he laughed at her boots, not knowing they were her father's. There is a staircase with a handrail and there are 8 steps from the shop to the first room of the exhibition. Advance to 3 mins 25 secs of.

What was in compos matchbox

The dramatic beauty of the Pennine moorlands, featuring quaint villages, dry stone walls and beautiful cottages, is an added bonus to the mischievous antics TV viewers have come to expect from the Summer Wine characters. He was also heavily involved in the creation and de of the Summer Wine Exhibition in conjunction with local Summer Wine photographer Malcolm Howarth.

Money[ edit ] Compo was always broke. Compo & Nora with Matchbox Colour Image. He was buried alongside his ature wellington boots. It is in a display case, open just a bit - but not enough to be able to see what is in it!

Though Truly was similarly pompous like his predecessors he eventually grew used to Compo's childish behaviour and the two did not argue frequently.