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The other side of you

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The other side of you

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Overview Will must run, or die. He's seen a murder, and the gang on his estate are after him. Hurt, hungry and afraid, he comes to an abandoned house in a different part of the city. Eide its high fences is a place of safety. Here, he can hide like a wounded beast. He can find food, and healing - and learn how to do more than survive.

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It gives her work a quietly compelling quality. For the doctor, as for his patient, love is the very definition of life, the experience through which a person comes to know the other sied of himself. How far did she want me to see her? Ms Vickers is otherr analytical psychologist and admires Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Italy, and all of these predilections inform this work, for better or for worse. Does she abandon dreary domesticity for a life of fun, frolic and Caravaggio with Thomas?

She is unusually reticent and it is not until he recalls a painting by Caravaggio that she finally yields up her story. But when Will meets Padma, he must choose between his good side and his bad one. I fully agreed with the few reviews that did not rave e. But the author didn't go for the easy ending, either. He's seen a murder, and the gang on his estate are after him. Set partly in Rome, "The Other Side of You" explores the theme of redemption through love and art, which has become a hallmark of Salley Vickers's acclaimed​.

Just like the disciples, a story that began in gloom and despair ends in new life and hope for all involved. LoveReading View on The Other Side of You.

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The word "love" appears on nearly everyyet Vickers is neither sentimental nor cynical in her treatment of the subject. I really enjoyed it.

A missed opportunity. Crucially, Vickers considers love in all its permutations - between friends, siblings, doctors and patients - to show how, in each case, love is fundamental to human life, in its absence as much as its presence. That made me sob. Wishy-washy woman that she is she d May be unfortunate that I came to this novel just after reading John Banville's 'Ancient Light'. The book focuses on a period of intense crisis in the lives of these two characters, and it is heartbreaking in the emotional truths that are revealed.

Caring matters in her world more than anything; so much, in fact, that not only is a patient "put right" by her analyst's care, the analyst, too, comes to re-evaluate the wrong turns in his life.

All versions of this book ISBN: After her othwr death and her subsequent foiled suicide, she becomes a psychiatric patient. Love and pain, death and life, self-knowledge and insensibility - all these big, vital themes converge in this moving, utterly engrossing new novel by Salley Vickers, author of Miss Garnet's Angel and Mr Golightly's Holiday.

At its core is a love story as impossible as that of On Green Dolphin Street, as enduring as in. Unfortunately the author failed to grasp the opportunity presented and set off on a meandering story that left this reader caring little for the outcome or the principle characers.

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We learn of Elizabeth Cruikshank's dereliction of trust, and the man she has lost, through David's narration. Her website also states that she is a writer of romantic literary fiction, "literary" perhaps implying that it is a cut above your average romantic otber. Having met the other side of themselves head-on, David and Elizabeth are at last relieved of a major burden which has prevented them from living a fully self-actualized to use another psychological term life.

Eliot, The Waste Land Salley Vickers explores this question in this deeply affecting tale of the relationship between year-old psychotherapist David McBride and his suicidal patient, Elizabeth Cruickshank. As Elizabeth talks yu of first meeting the art historian and Caravaggio expert, their years apart thanks to a single instance of bad luck, her subsequent loveless marriage and, much later, the chance meeting that brought them back together again - her doctor listens transfixed.

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Lther hinterland person. The Other Side of You is a remarkable novel. But the very opposite is also the case. She is also a middle-aged divorcee and mother of two, but these things matter less to her than the brief, life-altering experience of love, which, more than her later attempt at death, is the reason she has ended up in hospital. How can he live without becoming a killer?

Over the course of a single session lasting seven hours, McBride puts Freud's talking cure to the ultimate test. In exploring the connections between faith and imagination, art and redemption, religion and science in an intelligent, unusual but very readable way, she manages to yoy something buried deep in all of us.

I thought the way the relationship between Elizabeth siide Thomas ends is very realistic -- even if I was sad about it. As her story unfolds David finds hTe own life being touched by her and a haunting sense that the 'other side' of his elusive patient has a strange resonance for him, too. March Book of the Month The Other Side of You explores the theme of redemption through love and art. Can he reject his past and let the plants restore his soul and nurture the good inside him?

The winners will be notified as soon as possible. I believe …that we are in anguish until someone finally finds us ofher. As in another novel by her that I've read, Miss Garnet's Angel, she brings me deep into the world of people who are lonely, apart, in some way and who search for, sometimes achieving, some community and love.

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Goodre' summary description is so good I don't need to give more info re content, I think. The session becomes the cornerstone of the book and is carried out as interplay between the two, with David silently unearthing his own feelings as he listens to his patient open her heart. And the deeper truth is that human consciousness can hold two contradictory states at once, and all our unmet longings wear an overcoat of fear.

Am I missing something? Or perhaps just that it uses more words.

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It was one you could really "sink your teeth into" As with her other highly popular novels this is a many-layered and subtly audacious story, which traces the boundaries of life and death and the difficult possibilities of repentance. Overview Will must run, or die. At the same time, he encourages her toward revelations of her own, thus allowing her to confront those aspects of her life which have led to despair. Reviews Amanda Craig is such a clever writer.

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Read my article about how fighting off a burglar in my own home inspired this book. Partly it is because her story helps him understand the full, traumatic impact of his brother's early death. How can he love without being a thief?