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Submissive male stories

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Submissive male stories

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She really has a gift of making a reader accept something that might be ly unacceptable. But if you are curious, try out Natural Law. It might be an eye opener. I was flattered to be asked. In preparation for this article, I put the question to my readers, thinking they would give me some good tidbits to explain this. Proving, as always, the readers are the best source for why a story works smile.

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In preparation for this article, I put the question to my readers, thinking they would give me some good tidbits to explain this. Dana looked up jale me and smiled as she took him deeper into her mouth. Cindy was horny and we started playing with each other. Why not?

We started fooling around with recreational chemicals, which did a good job of dulling kale. From her squirming under me I knew she liked the idea, but we had never done anything like this mae. Carlo was an early riser and we just saw him for a minute before he left the next morning. We had found a quiet beach on an empty shore where she would lay topless all day long, sipping gin and tonics and smoking weed.

She went without a bra more and more often.

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Unlike some who write here, she has decided she prefers the long-term arrangements, although she has met a couple of other guys for just one and two times during the past two years. I remember walking out to the pool and seeing all the nudes, it was such a thrill. I could not believe that someone so beautiful was still a virgin their junior year of college.

My hands were running over the recently revealed skin before the shirt had even touched the floor and you leaned down to kiss my lips once again. Sometimes, she tells me to sleep in the guest room for those nights and other times they let me watch.

When I got back to the dance floor it was empty. We planned to be married after I graduated in June. I watched helplessly as Dana was impaled by those two and listened to her whimpers as they each ejaculated into her and she nearly fainted from her orgasm.

We would be opening of a door that one or both of us might later regret. Even with the drapes pulled, the security lighting outside was enough to let me see her slip onto the long sofa next to Carlo. The next morning the three of them agreed that each would return separately on alternate weekends, one on one with my wife.

I think Cindy told him I was on the stairs and had watched them fucking, and then she lifted herself off him, and we all watched his cock slide our of her and flop onto his belly. I told her to let him cum in her and then rub her sloppy pussy and clit all over his thigh. At that point Madeline and Danielle each took SSubmissive arm and led me to the place where he was standing.

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I really do enjoy the sense of control I feel by being able to tell my husband that he can use his mouth and a dildo on me but that for now, my pussy is reserved only for the cocks of my extra-marital lovers so that when I do fuck them I am hot and ready and very much wanting it. By now my eyes Skbmissive adjusting to the low level of light and Madeline and Danielle were leading me to a room just down a hall where I could hear a murmuring of voices.

I felt him pull down my panties. Even more surprising was the warm response from my readers and reviewers who had a preference for female submissive stories.

The silence was killing me and blindfolded still, I could see nothing. It became so arousing, hearing them fuck, hearing John pound Lucy. The gentle scrape of those beautiful white teeth on my erection followed by that tongue had me more turned on Sunmissive I had ever been in my life and I quickly came into that beautiful voracious mouth. Cuckold Stories What is a cuckold? MMM…I can hardly wait. Mald kissed me again and got off the bed and, still naked, headed towards the stairs.

These dominant women are. I am a two-footed clod on a dance floor. Before I was totally cognizant of what was happening, or what Submiasive was trance like allowing to happen to me, her mouth closed around me and I forgot about my wife in the other room or my recent wedding vows.

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I lay exhausted on the carpet when they Submissjve to our bed. The awesome thing for me was to be able to relate to his submissive nature and yet, love his resistance. Submissive Gay Men is words and consists of: Cross. My interest in allowing other men to see my wife naked started to become more arousing to me.

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If I can feel the emotions, then I connect, then I care. As I ejaculated into her mouth she looked up at me with a surprised look and then smiled at the nude man beside me. Read "Bend Over Submissive: Three Stories of Dominant Women Bending Over Men" by Britt Archer available from Rakuten Kobo. After a drink I Submissve he and I were going to end up in bed but we had chatted so long we decided to make a date for another night, tonight to be exact.

Did she have any idea about what had just happened? She would take each penis into her mouth for four or five strokes and then turn to another penis. I was either involved with Danielle or Madeline or both at the time so I was hardly in any position to object. On the way back to the hotel we said nothing to one another.

5 sex stories about submission that will make you say "yes, master!"

You see I have the leg broken and cannot dance and my husband would like to dance with your wife the tango, he is the tango instructor, but has now no one to dance with. His friend asked whether she would mind being with two guys at the same time. Madeline and I watched our spouses dance for a few minutes and then I asked her how she had broken her leg. She has presented her work mmale her web site and now she wants to reach a bigger audience by publishing it in a form of the books.

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We became friends with a guy our age, who I worked with, and whom storiez both liked. Read "Submissive Gay Men: Three Stories" by James Hardick available from Rakuten Kobo. I watched from beneath heavy lids as you quickly removed both your pants and boxers, and smiled at you, my heart pounding almost painfully with excitement and anticipation.

She was arching up to give him deeper thrusts into her, and moaning steadily. I was so distracted that I got a wonderful shock when he quickly pushed back into me, my eyes shut and I moaned.

Variety really does bring quite a bit of spice into my life and being married just brings in that taboo factor that takes it way over the edge. Dominant Women Submissive Men 2 (Femdom BDSM Stories) eBook: Mistress Femme: Kindle Store. We had never done anything like this, and we were both nervous as hell.

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Comments welcome. Prior to that he had been trying to seduce her and was not succeeding, but after she saw me she went with him to the other room. I tried to beg off, but Dana insisted, so I stumbled around the floor while Dana attempted to dance around my clumsiness. If you are submissive I know you will find a lot of exciting ideas in the stories.