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Pattaya vs phuket

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Pattaya vs phuket

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Like most things, the right answer is subjective and there is no single best place in Thailand for everybody.

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Phuket v/s pattaya – which is the better destination for your trip?

Both locations have their redeeming qualities and appeal to different tastes. Regarding cost, Pattaya is just slightly cheaper than Phuket. That's not to say that Pattaya doesn't have any good beaches; Naklua Beach and Jomtien Beach are still the lesser-known areas with calming waters. Admittedly, Phuket's activities are far more conventional such as go-karting and mini-golf.

In addition to the main beach areas, there are some smaller spots that you can drive to on the island. All prices in USD. Renting a jet ski beware of scams and parasailing over the beach. Because it's more of a beach getaway, Phuket doesn't have as many cultural activities.

Pattaya vs phuket – which is the better destination?

Meanwhile, Pattaya's beaches have been taken over by vendors. Pattaya has many more options. The main area of Patong has a long stretch of beach, which can get very crowded during high season. No matter where you are in Phuket, a patch of golden sand is never far away. Phuket on the other hand can be reached by an overnight bus or a flight from Bangkok.

Pattaya Nightlife Pattaya is one giant party zone with bars all over the city. Answer 1 of 4: Im going to bkk in september and will bs in thailand for 3 weeks. Known for the white sand and beautiful water, it is a great tropical beach getaway. When you get to Phuket you will wish you had the same cheap transportation!

Pattaya hotels and places to stay

So, is the nightlife better in Pattaya vs Phuket? It's a beautiful phukst and island destination away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The large and modern Central Festival is a great mall catering to just about any need a tourist has. Pattaya Hotels Pattaya is the opposite.

Like most things, the right answer is subjective and there is no single best place in Thailand for everybody. It would cost less than meal in phukst decent restaurant. Both welcome you after dark with their blazing neon lit clubs, raucous bars and an electrifying atmosphere. Phuket clearly owns the island hopping game.

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You can watch the storm sewers deluge dirty grey water right into the water near the beach area. It depends. Phuket vs Pattaya - What's the Budget? Phuket will cost more than Pattaya but the beaches are better.

Thailand hotels and places to stay

Even Old Phuket town offers a pleasant experience of traditional Thai life. Re: pattaya vs phuket 12 years ago Save hi london partyboy,to be honest no contest at all been to both and pattaya wins hands down. i cant decide whether to go to pattaya or phuket. Both are known to have a dedicated party street with beer bars, go-go bars, and night clubs. Source If a great beach is your primary concern, then Phuket is the place for you.

The road closes at night to all but foot traffic as tourist mill up and down the road and into the side streets.

Pattaya vs phuket - pattaya forum

While you do have beach options, no one goes to Pattaya just for the Beaches. Even in Bangkok and Chiang Mai you will have summer time type weather. Weather link below. Aside from this, you have the option of feeding crocodiles at Million Years Stone Park or trekking on elephants. There are some sights to take in like the giant Buddha statue or the revered Wat Chalong temple.

Since phuke are in your planning stage why not try to include a visit ti Northern Thailandsince you have so many beach areas on your dream list.

Pattaya is a coastal city on the Gulf of Thailand while Phuket is the largest island in southern Thailand. However for those tourists looking to have some drinks, listen to some live music, or dance the night away phukdt clubs and beer bars welcome tourists of all sorts.

So sit back with a beer in hand as these heavyweights test their mettle against each other. Both of these places have ificantly nicer beaches to relax and enjoy the ocean.

Phuket or pattaya? - the weather

Phuket has some of the best beaches in Thailand. This is just for comparison purposes. considering i'm going to party. There's sparse sand across its mostly eroded beaches where you wouldn't want to spend an afternoon. Both places in Thailand are quite breath-taking in their ways, offering unique experiences that'll last a lifetime.

The main. For those who are interested in watersports, you can find zorbing and canoeing at most Phuket resorts. A trip to either of them guarantees action packed nights, adrenaline fueled days and sun kissed beaches. Both of those you can do at your own risk.

Whether you are there for naughty nightlife or just want to dance and drink yourself silly. If you're hoping to leave Thailand with far more things than you came with and at reasonable rates! If you want to get away from the mess of tourists in Patong, Kamala is an excellent spot to chill out and relax.

How then do you choose the one among equals? Phuket Costs. Phuket or Krabi – which is a better destination for your vacation?Both of these superb southern Thailand resorts are usually on many travelers' bucket lists, and​.

Phuket or Pattaya - Who has the Better Beaches?