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Mature wives stories

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Mature wives stories

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January 28, I had been living with my wife for over a year.

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My god it was so horny to see, stodies loved it too, and started to gyrate her bottom as he nuzzled his nose into the crack of joy. I was smug. The look of shock was great.

This double swapped over fellatio continued for a few minutes. Would she let him fuck her, I found myself wondering, as I watched from another world, not knowing what to do, leaving it up Mwture my slut to call the shots. Sensing an imminent un-discussed insertion into a much younger pussy, the sexy wife dropped to her knees and made oral love to that cock.

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She agreed and went to the toilet and unclasped the skirt, putting it in her handbag. I love waking up in the morning and feeling my husband's morning hard brushing against my stomach. It felt so good, her warm soft mouth around my aching helmet. One of my favorite morning. I knew she was wet. However my wife will just not allow the rest of my body to be smooth.


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I started to rub her cunt through storie clothes and she moaned a little more. Damn she looked hot; my cock started to twitch watching her move. I'm not like other girls. I had spent my free day there, making some laundry and cooking a nice meal for Anita.

She was about my age, way too old for me, and slightly chubby, in a sexy way. She was already tipsy, and after a couple more and some flirting with the barman she wanted a dance.

She turned in her seat belt and reached across the center console to a surprised young woman in the passenger seat, her daughter, Abby Evans. Quite why she continued to expose her inner most sexual parts instead of turning was slightly perplexing me, as not only had my voyeuristic side had been fulfilled, I had no desire, perverted or otherwise, to watch her being Matture.

It felt good. By now rubbing her dripping cunt lips openly for all to see, and running her finger over her anus, still looking over her shoulder. She blushed. It was hot in the apartment, and the middle aged wife decided she had nothing to lose by dropping her jeans and pulling off her top.

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Ana started off by telling me I should get my dick encased in the medium size lock device; since she Posted by Anitaslut44 10 minutes ago 35 Anal Mature Voyeur I was at home that evening, waiting for Ana to come back from her office. As we took off jackets and shoes, my dirty cow once again bent right forward so we could all see her arse and, unknown to her, those very wet and prominent lips, which had soaked her leggings, making her look incontinent.

She was soon moaning softly and took hold of my hand and placed it between her legs. We travelled to the kitchen and I put on a bit of music, quite but danceable.

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It was storjes for her annual physical. Her leggings showed everything, even pulling tight up her vagina. I was glad he kept his boxers on though. We carried on drinking and talking, with her dancing attracting ever more daring partners — one even putting his hands around her waist as they danced.

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Elaine awoke from her nap glad to be off from work even if it was for a Doctor's appointment. Horny stopped tugging his big cock, dropped down behind my slut, and just stared into her much younger pussy.

I met her on a dating site and found out that she was a widow who had not had a man for a few years. Being in a huge city, bars, people and music Matuee never hard to find. A different guy grabbed her, equally as drunk, and started to kiss her. We walked to our bed, a superb Marure King size, not purchased for this purpose. Very sexy, very smart, but best of all, she loved to party.

I stood and pulled a cover from the dresser, and offered them the couch. It was my sweet wife, telling me that she would be a little late.

So we were out one night, drinking, laughing, dancing to crap music, looking at sexy girls bodies swaying to the beat. Posts. I was so hard and just wanted to suck them. Friday night came, and we played the dressing game again. I grabbed cold tsories and some more wine and we all started to dance, my first with my own girl for what seemed like hours. When half her cheeks were exposed, the underwear clad middle aged mum dropped her bra off to reveal a nice pair, and as I stared at them, her husband dived straight in, pinching, suckling, massaging, his obvious excitement encouraging them both on toward something that I had neither planned nor in my naivety, anticipated.

Actually she looked quite horny in her satin underwear, and I pulled off my top in approval at my age, Wivrs rarely needed an excuse to expose my hard-fought-for six-pack. Involving older women or men, our mature stories posts appeal to people who enjoy an experienced hand in the bedroom.

She came to me and kissed me full on the lips, rubbing my cock as she did so; he turned to my wife and bent over to kiss her on the cheek sgories. The other couple were on our bed too, her wanking and sucking his cock. Elaine always dreaded these.