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Male foot stories

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Male foot stories

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The place is busy and he has to share a table with others, but when a good looking guy sitting in front of him, absentmindedly props his soles up on the table, Paul is taken aback by a sudden and unexpected excitement. The hot University guy's feet are so close to him that he c Paul, a college guy who has just turned twenty, is studying for his finals exams at the library.

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Do I need to punish you after all? I move slowly and juddering in the direction he wants, with gritty pain in both my hands and knees.

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I swear I hear him giggle to himself slightly, having someone he just met beneath his feet like this. There are definitely some clients where that is the case, and other times there are clients who want me to ease up this time.

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Here's a Q and A book for you guys. So anyway, my partner turned out to be Lucas and everybody knew Lucas was gay, even though he wasn't such a fag,​. If this piece makes one person not react in revulsion when someone states they enjoy something other than missionary sex for procreative purposes, then being owned by a dom for an afternoon and getting a dildo rammed down my throat was worth it.

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CRAVING MALE FEET book. They would use him as a foot stool, and he would keep these archives of their socks, and video footage of their time together. I don't wanna get my feet dirty on this floor but I like being barefoot' 'Oh' is all I say in disbelief. I told him I wanted to rest for a while because I couldn't stand on my feet. I'm Tyler' 'Oh hi, I'm Josh' It might have been the fact I hadn't seen another person socially for days now, due to work, but Tyler had long ridiculously soft looking, styled hair, a clean fresh face, piercing green eyes, he wore a wide neck T-shirt which I couldn't help but noticed revealed the top of some firm pecks.

So anyway, my partner turned out to be Lucas … and everybody knew Lucas was gay, even though he wasn't such a fag, for he had storiies muscle and wasn't bad looking. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

Maybe he was checking me out at times Mae he was okay. It takes me a age to get my tongue between the grooves of his flip flops to get the dirt from the soles of them, he clearly wears them a lot, there is all sorts of grit on the bottom of them including a horrid piece of gum I mistook for a big bit of dirt.

Denim shorts, but what really storles my eye, some bright orange flip flops along with a very cute black and silver toe ring. The Taco Bell I put in my mouth for lunch grossed me out more than this dildo. When they come by every week or storoes two weeks you get to know them and their story a little bit.

Craving male feet: first time gay foot fetish short stories

He says his clients enjoy getting treated like pieces of furniture. I use the length of my tongue to get his soles clean, I want this dirt gone as soon as I can, even though it is making my throat so dry, it takes me 30 minutes to clean one foot completely, it is dripping with my saliva.

So we have to work that out. No boy was to be a partner of a girl. I'll also be posting. I groan a little and not thinking 'well can I be in a more comfortable position, you've been standing on my chest for at least a hour now' I croak.

I see his soft feet slip into them quickly, I am captivated by them, tanned on top but creamy and slightly pink on the soles, his toes are facing me, that toe ring looking soo cute, I realise I'm staring, by now he is ready to put the other stoires up. Concluding the session feels like coming down off of acid. His toes wiggle, which doesn't help me, but I feel very turned on now, his other foot covers my cheek and mouth, voot foot is slightly dirty still, although I bet some has come off onto my clothes, his arch is perfectly positioned over my mouth and looks so innocent, I stick out my tongue slowly and with the tip give it a little lick, Male foot stories he won't have felt that, it tastes a bit salty but I can taste definite coconut.

We get into his flat, a sofa and boxes are in the front room, the walls have already been painted, the floor is varnished a mahogany colour except from being rather dirty it is in good condition.

I begin to lap the filth away and Tyler laughs a little with a tone of surprising triumph 'Hahahaha that's right, good foot boy'. Paul, a college guy who has just turned twenty. I am not like that when I interact with people on a day-to-day basis. Just a toy for his ex to use.

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I reach for his flip flops placing them at the side of my head this time. When I told him that he smiled with happiness and he gently placed his hands on my dirty sneakers and slowly took the right one off. In the living room, I get down on all fours by the wall, without any hesitation he confidently steps up onto me as if in that moment I am no longer a person.

Casually he moves up my back, I can feel his weight in my knees against the hard floor, which is made much more uncomfortable due to the grit and dirt of the floor being pressed into them as well as the palms of my hands as a result of my own suggestion. His heels look so smooth, soft with a hint of dirt. The dom kicks off his shoes, pressing his sock-clad feet onto my ffoot and nose.

I checked outside and it was a new tenant, I thought little of it, until I went out to get the post, which is when I first saw the new guy moving in and realised he would be my new neighbour above me. I'm not sure if I have been caught or I'm being commended for my job as a ladder.

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Luckily there is a box at this end, which I rest storries head on. It has been slightly condensed and edited for clarity. But it goes great for foot domination sessions! Basically, I shift mindsets. I'm exhausted, my mouth is dry and tastes of utter shit, I just want to feel those dtories soft clean feet properly Just as I'm thinking that 'I think I wanna just keep the floor boards like this, too nice to carpet over' Yeah I agree, I say.

Male foot stories

Slightly worn with a faint outline of dirt from his soft feet. But I feel pretty good about what I do.

It is called 'Is it worth the neighbours feet? No boy was to be a partner of a girl. I guess he wasn't shy of it. His toes dangle from my head and wiggle then he shifts his weight, he moves onto my back again.

I nearly cry but I just clean them believing this to be my own foolish fault and I'm determined to see these feet clean! Once the foot dom started working me over though, the worries vanished.