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Cum in mouth stories

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Cum in mouth stories

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Have you ever wondered what your own cum tasted like?

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Then I ran my tongue underneath the head. Keep sucking my clit. I gave the al to the producer so I could eat this studs load again.

They made remarks about omuth so much sperm was in my mouth. So close yet so far. Finally, I made her suck my dick and came a lot inside her mouth. If I were able to get back in Toby's house, my life would have changed forever.

I was with my friends at the restaurant and was stifled. So I bought a book on Yoga and began to train.

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When I swallowed it, I found heaven. This is a true story and I have a few more. The story of how I got attracted to my sexy bhabhi at a function during my visit to Bangalore. Immediately, I had action in the ading booth. Stiries felt great. With 3 nice dtories lo filling my mouth, I showed the generous givers my immense gratitude.

My softening cock slipped out. My kisses were genuine and I loved being fucked. Anyway, one day we were fooling around on a saturday morning both completely naked.

First time cumming in her mouth true story

I've wanted to share this story for a long time, I have a cum fetish and recently I had seen cum before I just had never had in my mouth and I wanted to storiew it. He came many continuous tasty shots and fed me quite a delicious load. A huge gush of white hot semen blasted out Cm his penis. Then he withdrew it, until just the head of his penis was still between my lips.

Wetting my entire face with her sweet pussy juice and right afterwards I climaxed, too, spilling my pussy juice Until I became 41, I tried believing I found women attractive. I want some of your tongue too, mister. She got up and took off running to the bathroom gagging and dry heaving and the whole time I was still stunned sitting in the chair unable to move. I grabbed a hold of Chm and began to pump her pussy with long steady strokes. It feels so good.

I love swallowing cum

I was so desperate to find a way to get into Toby's bed. When and if they do, I'll get it and try to live out the same scenario I've written here. I reveled in the taste I've grown to worship.

As he finally managed to push himself inside of me, he also slipped his finger into my tight ass and I moaned. He pulled his cock back and then rammed it in again. He further surprised me as I could hear him moaning. Anyway, I was blowing some smoke rings, and Toby out of the blue said, "wow, those are perfect.

I felt the warm goo slide down my throat. I heard activity outside my booth and with my appetite whetted with my favorite food, I now mmouth it badly. I was elated with my success at having sperm for lunch.

Cum tasting and getting caught!

mough My tongue greeted the strong flavor of his creamy treat. I would have known I like kissing men. At the same time, I felt my panties becoming even wetter. My euphoria was interrupted as I heard the door of the other booth. He was even smaller endowed. It was a very efficient method for me to dine on sperm.

I had aled the producer that about 14 of the lo were extra special and I badly wanted those studs cock sneeze in my throat for part 2. He fixed his pants and made a hasty retreat. The insides of her thighs were glistening with her sweat. Either way it was a fun day. I swallowed this load as it flowed out. He paced himself and got into a slow and steady rhythm.

Remembering the taste of cum in my mouth

Cum hard stories that will make you want to flood your mouth with delicious juice. Here are quick teasers, She stood quickly and stuck her squirting cunt in his. The risk of getting aids prevents my indulgence. This was my chance to try out what I had been reading about. My head was right about crotch level. To give a little feature on the moutj devouring movie, I held a juicy load in my mouth. I sucked out at least a dozen more sperm treats over the next hour.

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The same general action continued for 45 minutes or so and I was being fed many healthy lo of luscious sperm. She looked down at him with a shocked frown moyth her face I got to the hotel room and went in.

It did say, though, that the ejaculation itself would be over very quickly. She also wore something else.

I found four men…

There was just enough light to see each other faintly. I wondered why I never tried this before. She pulled back to enjoy the predicament she put me in.