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Bold neck movie

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Bold neck movie

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Edit Storyline Ncek a party, one student gets picked on and ends up getting thrown into a pool that has no water in it. Frank, a geek, retrieves a brain from his father's lab and agrees to let the boy have it in exchange for a chance to hang with the popular crowd.

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Register a free business Have a question? Realizing Karl has stolen the homecoming money and potentially murdered Andrea, Frank confronts Karl who dismisses his concerns and invites him to a Halloween party that night. Karl then chases Frank upstairs, but is ambushed and incapacitated.

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Macy, thinking Frank stole the money, breaks up with him and goes to the party alone. Karl then helps Frank to get a date with his crush Macy Christine Lakin by throwing a party using money mvie from the homecoming dance. The next day the homecoming money is returned to school, Karl has his original personality restored, and Frank makes up with Macy.

Presumably, hijinks ensue, but it's hard to say as Boltneck isn't legally available on streaming in the US—and little information on it can be found online, to the point where even its debut is hard to peg down. So Frank uses a sinister spare part: the brain of an executed nwck killer.

So, Reynolds was by no means a star yet, and it might not surprise you mvoie learn he wasn't this freaky film's leading man. Think Hocus Pocus with more adult humor. It's fun, cheesy, and kept me entertained. Josh L.

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Lance, Tuttle, and Frank fight with Karl who attempts to murder Tuttle, but fails. Frank Matthew Lawrence is a high school student obsessed with heavy electron resurrection reanimating corpses soon after death. Frank, a Bkld, retrieves a brain from his father's lab and agrees to let the boy have it in exchange for a chance to hang with the popular crowd.

Originally known as Big Monster On Campus, Boltneck is a teen-horror-comedy in which Reynolds played a kooky version of Frankenstein's monster. At the party Karl accosts Macy who runs to the backyard and discovers that Andrea was not murdered, but rather had been secretly getting breast implants.

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Original Language. Please try your search again later. Frank then removes the evil brain using a prop guillotine at the party.

A brainy student resurrects a dead classmate by transplanting the mind of a serial killer into the teen's body. Top stories. When an arrogant jock Justin Walker of Clueless takes his bullying to extreme, Karl is pitched into an empty swimming pool and dies.

Genre: horror. Please enter a question.

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Posh Spice delivers a scorching burn by saying he thought the Canadian A-lister was apologizing for a series of his less-than-auspicious movies. Plot[ edit ] Los Angeles. But those who've bought it on DVD have given moive rave reviews on Amazon. Worldwide shipping available at Just one of millions of high.

nevk Movie Info. So, yeah, even for longtime Reynolds fans, this flop is a deep cut. The brain, it turns out, originally belonged to a serial killer. Not as good as Idle Hands one of my favesbut in the same vein.

Well played, Deadpool. While Becks slams the door in his masked face, many of us were saying, "What the hell was Boltneck? Product details Package Dimensions : 10 x 8 x 1 inches; 4.

Frank sees Lance and Tuttle attempting to dump the body and offers mlvie reanimate the corpse for them. Sporting the wiry black hair and smudged guyliner of The Cure's Robert Smith, Karl is relentlessly picked on by the popular kids who favor tracksuits and toxic masculinity. Written by Anonymous.

Still, it's the nail-biting Goth kid named Karl Reynolds who has it worse. Jumping at the chance to impress this killer clique, Frank offers to resurrect the dead dude through mad science. When Karl shows up, however, he gets into a fight with Lance and Tuttle Christian Payne and dies after falling into an empty swimming Bolc.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Buy Vintage Madame X Movie Film Bold Graphic Unisex V-Neck by periodpaper. Instead, Matthew Lawrence the second oldest, nevk first cutest sibling on Brotherly Love starred as Frank Stein get it? The next day Frank is befriended by Lance and Tuttle, and Karl appears to be changed into a cool kid in school.

Product description Get ready to meet your destiny and become a kung fu master when you buy one of these officially d Kung Fu Panda graphic tees, long sleeves, hoodies, and more! Edit Storyline At a party, one student gets picked Bold neck movie and ends up getting thrown into a pool that has no water in it. It's not rated, but would be nexk easy PG for mild violence and brief language.

Revealing this to Karl, Karl and Movis agree to keep this a secret from the others.

As the teen monster goes haywire, popular Macy becomes romantically involved with former geek Frank. Just don't besmirch its name in front of Reynolds.